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Class Day 2021

On Thursday, June 3 the Upper School community gathered in the Katharine Van Bibber Gymnasium for Class Day to recognize and celebrate Upper School student accomplishments in the classroom, arts, athletics, service, citizenship and leadership throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

Terry Detorie, who is retiring this year after 30 years of service to Bryn Mawr, was this year’s Class Day speaker. Ms. Detorie has worn many hats during her time at Bryn Mawr, starting as a Middle School physical education teacher, athletic director, director of security and many roles in between.  She took the opportunity to reflect on her time at Bryn Mawr and the moments that meant the most to her throughout the years.  She left the Class of 2021 with the sentiment that it is the people that make you love a place, “For me Bryn Mawr has not been a workplace, it has been a home and all of you have been my family. I have come to believe that both are a reflection of one another - creative, inspiring, determined, motivated, caring and just so much fun to be around,” she said.
Following the speeches by seniors Kavya Uppalapati and Tahra Khanuja, Class Day awards were announced and leaders from Student Government Association, Athletic Association, Environmental Coalition, Community Service Learning, Arts Council and Community Advocacy for Equity (CAFE) passed the gavels to the incoming president of each organization.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the seniors were officially welcomed into the Alumnae Association. Congratulations to all of the award winners and to the Class of 2021!
A recording of Class Day is available here

2021 Class Day Awards
All awardees are members of the Class of 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Frances Virginia Wentz Turner Prize
Serena Cooper

Community Service Prize
Mia Eventoff

Class of 1953 Prize
Naomi Fotenos

Parents’ Association Award
Sophie Leheny

The Wurtzburger Cup
Ruby Tyson

Caryatid Award
Sydney Leyba

The Agnes Whiting Memorial Award
Emma Rifat

Public Speaking Award
Anna Bezhanishvili
Ta’Niyah Bogier

Alumnae Awards 
Jessica Bryan
Zoe Farrone
Nafia Hunter
Cynthia Somers
State of Maryland Merit Scholastic Awards
Camryn Suntha
Eva Mammen
Riya Khosla
Margarita Tsapatsis
Sophie Leheny

The Bryn Mawr College Prize
Rory Powell ‘22

Edith Hamilton Award 
Shreya Gandhi ‘22
Class of 2020 Award
Xinyi Gong
Shuer Jiang
Kangni Ou
Siheng Xu
Siqi Zhang
Class of 1943 Cups
Arts Council – Nafia Hunter
Athletic Association – Zoe Farrone
Community Advocacy for Equity (CAFÉ) – Sophie Leheny
Community Service Learning – Mia Eventoff
Environmental Coalition - Cynthia Somers
Student Government Association – Camryn Suntha

The Bryn Mawr College Scholarship
Camryn Suntha
Departmental Awards
Creative Writing Award
Camryn Suntha
Ruth Bridgman Pagon Memorial Award
Cynthia Somers

Lawrason Perkins deMuth Prize in History
Gillian Blum

Rosemary Elliott Keyser Harder Art Award
Siheng Xu
Frances Wyatt Chisolm Photography Prize
Isabel Verheyen
Music Prize
Nafia Hunter
Class of 1974 Prize for Performing Arts
Jessica Bryan
Evelyn Estey Sanders Classics Prize
Gabrielle Sequeira
Yvonne Green Goodhue Modern Language Prize
Riya Khosla
Clare Coriell Hardy Award in the Sciences
Jessica Dett
Britten Moore Math Award
Shuer Jiang
Lynn Sears Byank Computer Science Award
Michelle Feng
Anne Pugh Award
Charlotte Smith
Gymnasium Cup
Class of 2023