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Alumna Julie Liu '19 Named a University of Maryland Remarkable Freshman

Julie Liu '19 was selected by The University of Maryland school newspaper, Maryland Today, as one of the school's most remarkable new terps.
Liu wrote a note to Bryn Mawr College Counselor Patti Whalen thanking her and Bryn Mawr for preparing her for college and describing how she was selected. "Early in August, Maryland Today, the UMD school newspaper, contacted me asking if I could have an interview with them and they wanted to post my story on the very first report of the year. After the interview, I asked how they found me. They told me the admissions office recommended me. I was surprised because I hadn't ever thought about being interviewed as one of the 'most remarkable freshmen.' I felt so proud of myself. If I went to another college, I might never have the chance of being interviewed by the school newspaper.”

Read the article here.