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Andie Woloszyn Kully '95, Fashion Design

As someone who spent 13 years at Bryn Mawr, Andie Woloszyn Kully ’95 has an overwhelming wealth of memories from her student years. But a few stick out, including one of Phyllis DeSmit, her Lower School physical education teacher. “When we ran around the field she would say, ‘Girls, don’t cut the corners. If you cut corners on the field, you’ll cut corners in life,’” Kully recalls. “That’s something that I’ve always remembered and have taken to heart.”
Kully has especially thought of those words in the last three years as she co-founded her own clothing line, Simon & Kully. Together, she and her business partner are responsible for every aspect of the business, from designing the clothing and fabric prints to overseeing production, taking inventory, hosting trunk shows, updating their website and more. “It’s a constant struggle to really prioritize and manage my time well,” Kully notes. “But I feel like time management was something that we really learned at Bryn Mawr.”

It was also her time at Bryn Mawr, Kully says, that nurtured the love of art that has defined her career – both as a clothing designer and as an interior decorator – and gave her the strength and confidence to start her own business. “I have so many friends from Bryn Mawr who are strong women with strong points of view,” Kully reflects. “A strong opinion and a strong moral compass – that’s a Bryn Mawr girl, and we should all strive to be that person.”