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Teresa Surichamorn '97, Business Analytics

During her 12 years at Bryn Mawr, Teresa Surichamorn always loved math, so it’s no surprise that she is still crunching numbers today. Beginning at global agency Analytic Partners, and now at the Clorox Corporation, Surichamorn has worked with well-known clients (from Citibank to Hidden Valley Ranch), helping them to reach consumers. Her quantitative analysis assists brand and marketing teams in determining effective promotional strategies.
After studying applied mathematics at Columbia University and a short detour doing actuarial work, Surichamorn found her current career path, working as global insights manager. This position allows her to combine her two interests: math and advertising. “It’s an exciting time to be in this industry because the way we’re consuming media is changing so drastically,” she says. “The focus of my job is measuring that [change], working with the huge amount of data out there.”

The greatest benefit of a Bryn Mawr education for Surichamorn was the well-rounded approach. Whether studying science and math, Latin or fine arts, Surichamorn felt that the school encouraged her in all areas, and instilled in her a genuine love of learning and the confidence to follow her interests.

The school also provided many positive role models, both teachers and fellow students. Surichamorn says she has been lucky to have many great mentors over the years, from the upperclassmen at Bryn Mawr who inspired her to a boss she had during a college internship who gave her advice on how to succeed as a woman in the business world. “I had those types of relationships at Bryn Mawr, so after I left, I started to really seek them out and value them when I found them. In that regard, I’ve been very lucky.”