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Asia Carter-Lamb '16, Roger Williams College

"Bryn Mawr has given me the courage to speak my mind and develop an argument and reasoning behind the words that I say and the things I believe."

What has your experience at Bryn Mawr been like?

It’s been amazing. I brag about Bryn Mawr practically everywhere I go. I love the learning environment, the campus, the values, and so much more. I plan on visiting a lot in college, and sending my children to Bryn Mawr.

Tell me about a particular teacher at Bryn Mawr who really influenced you.

Mary Armstrong Shoemaker '69, who taught my freshman Latin class. Languages have never been my strong suit and I really struggled in the class, but Mrs. Shoemaker was so patient, so kind, and so supportive of me throughout the entire year. She was such an amazing teacher and the entire class learned so much. Even though my Latin grade was never great, I was inspired to continue taking Latin.

What was your college application process like, and why did you choose Roger Williams?

I became slightly obsessed with the college process and the stats behind admissions. I rather enjoyed the process, especially because I was extremely realistic with the places I could go to college, considering the type of student that I am. Roger Williams seemed like a happy medium between the other 10 schools on my list, and it was the best fit financially. I am really looking forward to having my independence and beginning my life as an adult away from home.

Why did you decide to run track in college, and how do you plan to balance school and sports?

I always said that if I went to a smaller school that I would run track, and Roger Williams has a Division III team, so that seemed like a good fit. I love running, and at a DIII school, I will not have to worry about the level of competitive stress that comes from going to a DI or even DII school. I plan to start running outdoor track in the spring, so that will give me time to adjust academically to the environment before I take on sports.