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Ali Regan '16, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

"I’m kind of in this state of awe and wonderment at the opportunity that comes before me. And now I’m really excited, not just because I got in, but because I have so much work to do  and I have the resources to do that good work."

Why did you choose Tisch, and what are you most looking forward to?

It was my childhood dream school – growing up, Tisch was the place where I wanted to go the most, but I always thought I would never get in there. I’m so excited to be moving to New York and to be in the thick of it all the time. I am headed to a program that has so many resources for self­-improvement, and I want to get involved in all of them. I’m excited to learn about what I love and explore new opportunities.

Tell me about a particular teacher at Bryn Mawr who was really influential for you.

Let me tell a quick story about a wonderful woman named Julia Bielefeld ’02. Since day one, she has not only been an influential figure, a teacher and a mama bear, but also a friend. Although she never taught me in a classroom setting or gave me homework, she taught me patience, acceptance, and what it means to really love your job. She is a carpenter, a technician, an electrician, a handywoman, and an amazing stage manager. I can’t thank her enough.

How did your experience with theater at Bryn Mawr impact your overall experience here?

I learned a lot about myself, about what theater can and cannot be, and about how to bring myself to the stage in more ways than one. I have come to understand that all theater really needs is great people, and I was lucky enough to work with them. I had the privilege of contributing what I had to the community here at Bryn Mawr because of the people who embraced me with open arms. The Bryn Mawr arts community is a home. It honestly has been my home since I moved to Baltimore, and leaving it now for college feels less sad because I know I’m leaving behind something that can do good for people like me.

What will you miss most about Bryn Mawr?

The free food at events. Just kidding! I am definitely going to miss the privilege of being surrounded by some of the brightest and most inquisitive women I know. There were several times this year during AP English class (just one example amongst many), where I would just stop what I was doing, look around at the other women in my class, smile and think about how lucky I am to be in a class of girls who are ambitious and excited about so many different things. There is not one girl I’ve met who I truly don’t think is going to go on to do wonderful things. These are people who have real drive, even if it’s for something they don’t know about yet. Passion is abundant at Bryn Mawr, and that is a rarity. I hope it never dies.