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Leadership in Action Student Expo: May 3 - 13, 2021

The annual Leadership in Action Student Expo will showcase and celebrate student work that has impacted a community, exemplifies leadership traits or shows a connection to something greater than oneself.

The inaugural expo will be held in a virtual format, kicking off the week of May 3, 2021. Each day, we’ll share student-produced videos showcasing projects and the processes taken to realize their ideas. Projects may include the culmination of a classroom activity or an independent idea that came to fruition outside of the classroom. The student videos will illustrate core values of the Leadership in Action Program:

Compassion - Empathy in Action
Courage - Resilient in the face of Change
Collaboration - Teamwork in Action; Diversity of thought in Action 
Responsibility - Ethical Decision Making in Action
Ingenuity - Intellectual Curiosity in Action
Additionally, please join us on Thursday, May 13, from 6-7 pm, for a moderated student panel webinar to hear from a selection of students about their work. Students will share insights into their process and provide advice for their fellow students to embark on impact-oriented projects.

Funding Awards

We realize that sometimes students need additional assistance to help take their idea to the next level. As part of the Leadership in Action Student Expo, Bryn Mawr will grant five funding awards to students who demonstrate a need for project resources. Examples of funding uses include purchasing needed supplies, buying a software license, applying for a provisional patent, amongst others. We will announce funding award recipients during the  Student Panel discussion event on May 13.

How can your child participate?

All students are invited to attend the evening event on Thursday, May 13, from 6-7 pm. More information about student participation will be coming from the Leadership in Action committee in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions about the Leadership in Action Student Expo, please contact Justin Curtis, Senior Director of Academic and Strategic Initiatives.