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December 6, 2019: Clarification of Recent MOSAIC Work

Dear Bryn Mawr Families,

As you may know, this week we communicated with students about some affinity/ally groups we offer as part of the Making Our School an Inclusive Community (MOSAIC) program, which provides an opportunity for Middle School students to share and discuss diverse opinions, views and experiences. We’ve offered affinity/ally groups for several years and have found that our students truly benefit from exploring different pieces of their identity and learning to be allies to those with a different experience.

We write to you as we have realized there is some confusion around one of the new groups, which was named White Allies. The purpose of offering a group for white students is to create a space for students who care about diversity, equity, and inclusion to discuss how they can be part of the solution to combating racism and bigotry in America. We understand that the title and language used to describe the group caused confusion and hurt for some students and families. We sincerely apologize for that and accept responsibility to use this as a learning opportunity for how we talk about our efforts at Bryn Mawr.  We are a school that values the rich diversity within our community, and we are committed to creating an environment of respect and inclusion for each and every student.

The name of the group will be changed to clarify its true scope and purpose, and it will be co-facilitated by Talia Titus and me.
We will use your feedback as we continue to move forward in a positive direction to build a culture of courageous conversations among our students and community.

As you have questions about ally / affinity spaces at Bryn Mawr, please review our FAQ document here or reach out to one of us.  We would also be happy to provide resources for family discussion, should you like them.

Amanda Macomber
Middle School Director
Talia Titus
Director of Global Programs & Diversity