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Streamline Tutors-- Primer SAT/ACT Crash Course *discount available*

The Primer is a 3-hour introductory crash course  on standardized testing for sophomores and juniors.  Students get four 45-min intro classes on  the SAT/ACT. Parents get a private 30-min consultation to review the data from their student’s diagnostics. 
The Primer answers key questions on the  testing process. Is the ACT or SAT right for  your child? What concepts need work? 
Each Primer student receives a subscription  to Streamline’s SAT/ACT training website to  build conceptual skills. 
Regardless of what prep path you choose,  The Primer starts you with the right data  and optimizes the efficiency of that path.
(410) 366-0479 

EVENT DETAILS CAN BE FOUND HERE. Streamline tutors is offering a 30% off discount if you register by 3/1 using the code on the flyer.