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Junior College Night #2: College Admissions Panel

All juniors and parents, guardians and caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend.
This evening is a bit different--our program is interactive and YOU have the opportunity to function as an admissions committee. Our program is called an "Admissions Case Study". Joining us on Thursday evening are seven highly experienced admission officers who will lead you (in Zoom breakout rooms) through a discussion of three applications to Jefferson University (a mock university). You, the admissions committee, will deliberate in your group and then vote on which applicant will be "admitted", "waitlisted" and "denied" admission. 
BMS College counseling will provide 3 mock applications. Please print and read the three mock applications, the Jefferson University Profile, Reading Tip Sheet and the Reading Notes sheet. Prior to joining the program on Thursday evening, try to take notes on what you believe are important elements of each application. Engaging in this "pre work" will facilitate a robust discussion in your breakout rooms about the candidacy of each applicant. 
If you need hard copies of the materials or the link to the google folder, please email us ASAP and we will provide them.
Please join us on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 6:30pm for an interactive, informative and fun evening.
Meeting ID: 932 0738 1423