The Power of a Girls' School

An all-girls' environment provides a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women and scholars without social pressure. It's good to be smart at Bryn Mawr! Our students are academically engaged, inquisitive and not afraid to speak their minds. Enthusiasm for all subjects – including math, science, public speaking and technology – is nurtured from the youngest age; no discipline is "off limits" for girls. At Bryn Mawr, students collaborate with their fellow students in the classroom, on a sports team, while planning club activities and more. Girls learn quickly that they have much to offer and much to learn from one another, leading to true lifelong friendships.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities abound in student government, clubs and athletics. Bryn Mawr students plan, propose and lead over 40 clubs each year (Princeton Model Congress, Operation Smile, Environmental Coalition, "The Quill" newspaper and Mock Trial, to name just a few). Bryn Mawr girls gain confidence in their leadership abilities as they prepare election speeches for class officer positions, speak to prospective families as leaders of the Ambassador Club or learn to run a meeting in their role as club president.

Athletic Opportunities

With hundreds of girls who like to play everything from ice hockey to squash, the variety and levels of athletics offerings at Bryn Mawr is staggering! Team bonding and spirit are celebrated at Bryn Mawr. Whether an ace tennis player or the team manager, each girl's contribution is valued. Many girls continue to play their chosen sports in college.

Arts Offerings

Bryn Mawr girls can be found building stage sets, developing photos in the darkroom, starring in the fall musical, playing the cello in a string ensemble and more. Dance, music, theatre and the fine arts are integral parts of the curriculum at Bryn Mawr and are enjoyed by novices and serious aficionados alike. Bryn Mawr girls feel free to try their hands at many things, supported by their teachers and classmates.

Social and Emotional Support

In this complicated and fast-paced world there are many issues that pertain to girls and their development. At Bryn Mawr, we speak about these topics freely. This comfortable atmosphere, with strong female role models as positive mentors, enables our students to open up, and share their feelings and know they are not alone. It is this nurturing environment that allows girls to truly become comfortable with themselves.
Bryn Mawr offers girls the academic and personal support they need to develop from young girls into confident young women.
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is a private all-girls pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a coed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Bryn Mawr provides students with exceptional educational opportunities on a beautiful 26-acre campus within the city limits. Inquisitive girls, excellent teaching, strong student-teacher relationships and a clear mission sustain our vibrant school community where girls always come first.