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Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

The STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are becoming increasingly important in the 21st century. At Bryn Mawr, we believe that providing girls with a strong foundation in these areas empowers them to creatively engineer the future. Our goal is to help students think both critically and creatively and to have confidence in their STEM skills by relating what they learn in the classroom to the world around them.

STEM at Bryn Mawr

Girls often hit barriers in STEM disciplines due to a gender gap and societal stereotypes. At Bryn Mawr, however, girls become resilient and confident by growing their talents both inside and outside of the classroom. Our highly skilled STEM faculty serve as exceptional role models. By providing an array of unique experiences and viewpoints, teachers nourish students' intellectual skills, helping their curiosity and creativity flourish. Bryn Mawr offers students an authentic STEM experience by providing opportunities for discovery and problem solving that catalyze learning throughout the grades. Students see that their schoolwork is important to understanding the world. A Bryn Mawr student is not only a digital native, engineer, entrepreneur, mathematician or scientist; she is also an ethical leader ready to address real-world problems.

STEM Career Fair

This free event is designed to provide high school girls with the opportunity to meet and learn from successful women in a wide variety of STEM careers. Students will have the opportunity to speak with representatives from more than 30 STEM-related companies and organizations representing a range of career options.

Summer Camps

Come spend a week exploring a STEM path that will teach you new skills and excite your imagination. The Bryn Mawr STEM summer camps give participants real-world experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through fun, hands-on activities, inspiring campers to continue their pursuit of STEM. Our curriculum is developed by talented STEM teachers and the camps require no prior experience. Get ahead in STEM education while having a blast!


Bryn Mawr is committed to encouraging and promoting STEM education. Along with rigorous coursework, students interested in exploring STEM fields have the opportunity to participate in real world, hands-on, experiential learning outside of the classroom.

Bryn Mawr has relationships with a number of local businesses and universities, including researchers at The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and The Johns Hopkins University, which allow students to work in summer internships at these companies and organizations. These internships pair students with STEM professionals for a 48 week internship commitment. Students learn basic techniques and work closely within a team to explore and answer questions. Students interested in these opportunities must complete an application that includes an essay, and be approved by the mathematics, science and/or technology departments.

For more information, girls should contact STEM Director Dr. Eric Elton.

Mentor Program

One of the most critical factors in an individual’s success is having a strong mentor, and this is especially true for girls exploring STEM fields. A dearth of female role models in STEM, coupled with gender stereotyping, often leads girls to focus on other career paths. Bryn Mawr's STEM Mentor Program seeks to change that.

Middle School–Upper School Mentoring

Middle School students interested in STEM are paired with an Upper School student who shares their passion for STEM. The program allows our students to nourish each other's curiosity while providing tangible female role models for our Middle School students and creating ample opportunities for collaboration between the two divisions.

Alumnae Mentoring

The STEM Alumnae Mentorship Program pairs current Upper School students with alumnae who work in a STEM career field. Girls learn from an adult with whom they have a shared school experience, and explore their interests in ways that are not possible within the regular curriculum. While our students gain invaluable insight from this program, the mentors are also beneficiaries. They are challenged by their new, honest allies, and tell us that they often end up feeling more energized and passionate about the work they do.

If you are a student or alumna intersted in participating in the program, please contact Director of Community Engagement, Eric Elton at eltone@brynmawrschool.org.