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Online School for Girls

The Bryn Mawr School is pleased to be affiliated with the Online School for Girls. Since its founding in June 2009, the Online School for Girls has grown from four schools to 38 schools from coast to coast, and from 16 students to more than 80. Any girl, anywhere in the world, can enroll in the Online School for Girls, provided she meets the admission standards for the school and prerequisites for a course.
Online School for Girls President Brad Rathgeber says that the school is successful because class sizes are small, averaging 20 or fewer students per class. The teachers, who come from top girls' schools across the county, are experts in their disciplines. The high-quality curriculum is built around the important educational principles of collaboration, creativity, connection, and real-world application.

Each year, the Online School for Girls currently offers more than 15 full-year courses or semester courses. Additionally, there are several summer courses for students as well as professional development courses for teachers. A complete list of courses, course descriptions, and information about admission and fees is available at

The Bryn Mawr School was founded in 1885 by five women as an independent, nonsectarian, college-preparatory school for girls from preschool through grade twelve. We believe that a diversity of opinions, experiences, and backgrounds enriches learning and teaching and prepares students to engage with the broader community with insight, conviction, and compassion. A Bryn Mawr education is grounded in the expectation that young women will be resilient in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and change; will become responsible and confident participants in the world; and will lead considered and consequential lives.
"The Online School for Girls broadens the educational opportunities available to girls by offering an independent school experience that is not limited by location. Like traditional independent schools, the Online School for Girls offers girls a rich academic curriculum while preparing them for living and learning in the 21st century."
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is a private all-girls pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a coed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Bryn Mawr provides students with exceptional educational opportunities on a beautiful 26-acre campus within the city limits. Inquisitive girls, excellent teaching, strong student-teacher relationships and a clear mission sustain our vibrant school community where girls always come first.