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Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

We know that girls often hit barriers in STEM disciplines due to a gender gap and societal expectations. However, in an all-girls learning environment, there are no stereotypes about what girls like or where they can excel. We believe all girls benefit from a solid foundation in math, science and engineering. Our curriculum also includes computer science, computational thinking, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Research Shows...

Research by the National Coalition of Girls' Schools shows that all-girls learning environments champion the educational needs of girls as a group currently underrepresented in STEM majors and careers.

  • Graduates of girls’ schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering compared to girls who attended coed schools.

  • Compared to coed peers, girls’ school grads are three times more likely to consider engineering careers.

Read more about the All-Girls Advantage,at the National Coalition of Girls' Schools website.

STEM at Bryn Mawr

Our program encourages girls to explore their interests and passions, whether directly in STEM fields or by using technology to engage in real-world problem solving on campus, in the community and around the world. When you combine strong mentors, reduced gender stereotyping in curriculum and classroom, and abundant learning opportunities, the results are clear.


Award-winning Upper School Robotics, Chemathon and Technovation teams.


More than 40 students have earned a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania through our Social Innovators Program.


With the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award each year from 2018-2022.

Our Programs & Activities

Summer Camps

Come spend a week exploring a STEM path that will teach you new skills and excite your imagination. The Bryn Mawr STEM summer camps give participants real-world experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through fun, hands-on activities, inspiring campers to continue their pursuit of STEM. Our curriculum is developed by talented STEM teachers and the camps require no prior experience. Get ahead in STEM education while having a blast!


Bryn Mawr is committed to encouraging and promoting STEM education. Along with rigorous coursework, students interested in exploring STEM fields can participate in real-world, hands-on, experiential learning outside of the classroom.

Bryn Mawr has relationships with a number of local businesses and universities, including researchers at The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and The Johns Hopkins University, which allow students to work in summer fellowships. These experiences pair students with STEM professionals for a six-week commitment. 

Our Programs

One of the most critical factors in an individual’s success is having a strong mentor, and this is especially true for girls exploring STEM fields. A dearth of female role models in STEM, coupled with gender stereotyping, often leads girls to focus on other career paths. At Bryn Mawr, we seek to change that.
Lower School: Gateways
From Math Olympiad to Cricut Crafting, Lower School students extend their classroom learning through Gateways programs after school. A variety of offerings allow girls to discover new activities, take intellectual risks with their ideas, and cultivate their passions.
Middle School: Science Fridays
Throughout the year, Middle School students have frequent opportunities to hear from STEM professionals during “Science Friday” lunch gatherings. From robotics to biotechnology to art conservation, our Middle Schoolers ask great questions and hear firsthand about the limitless possibilities in STEM fields.
Upper School:
Career Exploration Opportunities and More Through career exploration opportunities, Bryn Mawr students engage in meaningful endeavors with problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership opportunities that not only cultivate their own interests but also deepen connections, partnerships, and engagement within our local community. Beyond formal opportunities, students are involved with countless STEM-focused clubs, activities and programs on and off campus including Robotics Team, Chemathon, Environmental Coalition, Mawrtians Who Code, Investment Society, Entrepreneurship Club and Mawrtian Makers, just to name a few!

Beyond the Classroom


Lower School students learning about engineering by designing playground equipment that is age appropriate for their peers

Voice and Vision

Middle School “Voice and Vision” capstone project has students create “something real for someone real” in a in a human-centered design class and deliver a speech about their journey.

Accessi Project

Providing startup funding to student projects to help bring their ideas to the market.

App Development

Students bringing mobile apps to the market and launching non-profit organizations to address a range of social issues.

180% Growth

Expierenced 180% growth in student enrollment within the Upper School Computer Science enrollment over the last five years.