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Distance Learning at Bryn Mawr

Developing resilient young women is a part of Bryn Mawr’s 135-year mission. Whether on campus or through virtual classrooms, we continue to inspire students to challenge themselves, engage with their classmates and community, and lead for the greater good. Learn more about Bryn Mawr’s Distance Learning program.
At Bryn Mawr, we believe in learning in a joyous and supportive community. We value the relationships between students and faculty, and feel that the daily give and take of the classroom is formative in a student’s learning process. In the event of an extended disruption of campus activities, we believe that we can remain connected in spirit and learning through our Distance Learning program.

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  • Technology Resources and Expectations

    Technology is a key component of a Distance Learning environment and Bryn Mawr has a number of resources available to support families’ effective use of technology at home. Students are expected to have access to an iPad, laptop or desktop computer and a reliable internet connection in order to participate in Distance Learning. If families do not have technology resources available at home, they should contact the school for assistance. As always, students are expected to check their Bryn Mawr email frequently throughout the day and students are expected to adhere to the acceptable use policy at all times. If a student is having technical issues, the Technology Department staff can be contacted at studenthelp@brynmawrschool.org.

    Bryn Mawr thoroughly screens each technology platform used to ensure that privacy standards are met. A full list of approved technology tools, sorted by each division can be found here and families should also refer to the Policy for Student Participation in Distance Learning.
  • Student Support

    The Student Support Services team will continue to provide services and systems that support students’ success and overall wellbeing within a distance learning environment. Our counselors, learning specialists and health personnel will be available for consultation, personalized virtual support and referral services throughout the school day. The team will maintain regular communication with students currently receiving support via Google hangouts and email. Phone consultation will also be utilized on an as needed basis.

    Click here for tips and resources from Student Support Services.
  • Community + Inclusion

    We are committed to supporting our entire community by fostering a culture that is inclusive, respectful, and safe for everyone in our school and online environments. In times of fear, uncertainty and alarm, ensuring a sense of safety and belonging starts with supporting each other—especially those in our community who are facing bias, discrimination, and attacks based on their identity. Given our diverse Bryn Mawr community, it is essential that we practice community care as we move forward. We will continue our important community programming with moments for classmates to come together in supportive clubs and advisory group spaces through online forums.

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An all-girls' environment provides a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women and scholars without social pressure. It's good to be smart at Bryn Mawr! Our students are academically engaged, inquisitive and not afraid to speak their minds. Learn more about the exceptional foundation Bryn Mawr can offer your daughter.