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The Bryn Mawr Way

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2016, our strategic plan, The Bryn Mawr Way: A Contemporary Vision for What Girls Need to Thrive, builds upon our school’s powerful academic reputation and strengths, while ensuring that we nurture our girls in every aspect of their lives.

The following three core strategies guide the Bryn Mawr School’s priorities, investments, and work.

Whole Girl, Whole Day: We will design and implement a comprehensive approach to learning and healthy living for our girls so they are nourished and supported in and out of the classroom, before, during, and after their school day.

The Bryn Mawr Way: We will enrich further our students’ academic experience with a greater emphasis on experiential and collaborative learning, and our faculty will build that experience around the interests and needs of each student.

Mawrtian Nation: We will direct energy and resources to creating a more dynamic, close-knit, richly diverse, and joyful Bryn Mawr community.

Read our full strategic plan