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Little School

Welcome to the Little School

At the Bryn Mawr Little School, we want your child’s earliest school experience to be one filled with warmth, joy, and wonder. We know the importance of providing loving and consistent care, authentic experiences, and meaningful learning opportunities. With close observation, personal attention, and ongoing communication we get to know each child and are able to guide him or her on a path of discovery and learning that is best suited to their individual learning styles and interests.
The Little School program is designed to engage children’s playful nature and encourage each child’s natural sense of wonder. Some of the many ways children spend their time include:

 - Painting and drawing
 - Sorting and counting
 - Learning the alphabet
 - Building with blocks
 - Playing dress-up, dancing and singing
 - Riding trikes
 - Exploring and learning about nature
 - Sharing ideas and stories
 - Making their own books
 - Taking the time for rest and naps

Our highly-educated, nurturing teachers have a clear understanding of how young children learn and grow, and our developmentally-appropriate curriculum engages the whole child by encouraging creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving while having fun. We strive to balance the day so children can grow and learn in healthy ways. We also honor each child and family by celebrating the many unique cultures, ethnicities, traditions and beliefs that make up our Little School community.

The best way to fully appreciate the experience we offer to our students is to visit. Please call us at 410-323-8826 to schedule a personal tour, which will allow you and your child the opportunity to meet our dedicated faculty, explore our beautiful campus and help us find out how we can best meet your family’s needs. We hope to see you on campus soon!

Megan Brown
Little School Director